Wärtsilä thrusters for a new Eneti WTIV

Wärtsilä will supply the seven thrusters required for a new Wind Turbine Installation Vessel (WTIV) to enable optimal propulsion performance.

Wärtsilä will supply the seven thrusters required for a new Wind Turbine Installation Vessel (WTIV). Scheduled for construction at the Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine yard in South Korea for Eneti Inc. By providing outstanding thrust, robust station-keeping capability, and efficient transit operation, the thrusters will enable optimal propulsion performance. Eneti placed the order with Wärtsilä in October 2021 while there is an option for a second vessel.


The next-generation vessel features a Gusto 16000X design and will have advanced lifting capabilities and high energy efficiency. Additionally, the advanced lightweight thruster configuration meets the design parameters’ performance standards.  

In particular, Wärtsilä’s proven retraction system will combine with an energy-efficient 8-degree tilt. These are key factors in the thrusters’ enablement of effective and reliable station-keeping performance. Therefore, the tilt delivers up to 23% higher effective thrust than non-tilted thrusters. In the meantime, it reduces the power requirement and fuel consumption. The retractable thrusters have a combined electric steering and retraction system which saves space and weight and has fewer components for greater reliability. The company’s new tool for improved propulsion arrangements will actively contribute for optimal performance.


“We are very familiar with the quality and efficiency of Wärtsilä’s thrusters. They can be trusted to ensure performance in all sea conditions, which is essential in a vessel of this type,”

Min Yun, Head of DSME Offshore Machinery Procurement Department

“In line with our commitment to environmental sustainability, our focus today is on highly efficient technologies capable of delivering excellent performance. We are assured that the Wärtsilä solutions meet this requirement,”

Emanuele A. Lauro, Eneti Chairman & CEO.

“Safety and reliability are central needs for modern jack-up WTIVs, and our thruster package is optimized to deliver them. Furthermore, by ensuring efficient free sailing and outstanding dynamic positioning, regardless of the sea conditions, we are contributing to the decarbonization of the maritime sector,”

Roger Holm, President Marine Power & EVP Wärtsilä Corporation

The scope includes six Wärtsilä WST-32 thrusters fitted with a modern electric steering system. Hence, providing a lower lifecycle cost, high reliability, and reduced energy consumption. Moreover, one Wärtsilä WTT-36 thruster. All seven modules comply with applicable environmental regulations with the use of Environmentally Acceptable Lubricants (EAL). The above have a scheduled delivery during Q1 of 2023 while the vessel expected delivery to the owner is in Q4 of 2024.

Source: Wartsila

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